Service milestone achieved: Greg celebrates 40 years


Dear Greg,

Photo of Greg Brigg

Greg Brigg and his wife

I worked about half a year as a service representative in Sydney and a sales representative in Melbourne, about the time you started with Alsco. I was a student then, and I can’t count my seniority from that temporary duty. You outrank me by six years. You also outrank me, and many more, by the measure of what you have done for the company in Australia.

Not only do you know how to make money in a  branch, but also you have been a bridge from the founders of Alsco Australia, passing on our culture and care for the company, to a new generation of general managers.

I remember being at a Brisbane Italian restaurant with a large Alsco party with you, Gordon Dobbins, my father, and Stan Buckthorpe. I think you were the service manager at the time, and you were soon to get the nod to be Gordon’s successor. From then on, Eagle Farm tested the limits of what could be processed inside a quonset hut. You expanded the market to the Gold Coast; you were aggressive inside the city. You squeezed-in equipment. You rented space across the street, you moved work to a depot, you encroached on a neighbour, you loaded the street, you made a case to invest a lot in Eagle Farm and secure our future in the market.

Today, Brisbane is one of the busiest branches in the company. Every few years, somewhere in Alsco, we tell the story about you driving my father through the city from his hotel to the plant. My father loved Brisbane as he had served with the Australian forces during World War II. When he had time off from flying around New Guinea, he got to rest in Brisbane. He liked to see how the city had changed and what had stayed the same. He asked you while you were driving along in the car, “Greg, what is the name of that big river?” My father made people nervous, you were no exception, and you couldn’t remember the name of the huge river in the middle of your city.

Someone in the back seat suggested, “Isn’t that the Brisbane River?” There was a pause, and then my father said, “Greg, the questions are going to get a lot harder.”

Everyone in the room tonight owes you a word of thanks. You have helped shape our company to be a place of work where lifetime friends are made, where we feel pride of personal accomplishment, and where we feel pride in the progress of the entire group. You have contributed enormously to our espirit d’corps because we enjoyed all the years with you, and we feel this being reciprocated, that you like being our colleague.

Alsco is proud to have you as part of the family.


Best regards,
Robert C. Steiner.

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2 thoughts on “Service milestone achieved: Greg celebrates 40 years

  1. Hi guys, my name is Jonathan dobbin. I am Gordon dobbin’s grandson. I have recently been doing some research regarding my heritage taking a keen interest on my grandparents. I was wondering if you have any old photos or records ( I.e. Copies of pay slips, list of responsibilities, copies of internal awards or achievements) with regards to Gordan Dobbin any assistants you could offer would be greatly appreciated.
    Jonathan Dobbin

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