Managed Sanitary Bins vs DIY Sanitary Disposal

Photo of sanitary disposal binA clean and hygienic washroom says a lot about the type of business you run. It is also essential for the comfort of employees and customers. The provision of adequate sanitary waste disposal options is a significant factor in creating a comfortable, hygienic and welcoming female washroom.

When it comes to sanitary disposal in your business washroom you have two options: utilising a managed sanitary disposal service OR DIY sanitary disposal.

Done well, there’s nothing wrong with DIY sanitary disposal. First of all, you need to have the right equipment, such as bins with lids that seal so as to prevent odour problems. Regular emptying of those bins is also crucial. You would also need to consider signage to let washroom users know how they should dispose of sanitary items, rather than run the risk of flushing of sanitary which can result in costly plumbing issues (not to mention environmental issues).

Or you could try a managed washroom service. Firstly, there’s no need to explain to women the purpose of a sanitary bin. Then there’s the hygiene benefits: the sanitary disposal unit is sanitised with an antibacterial liner for maximum hygiene; the liner is perfumed, ensuring a pleasant fragrance; and, most importantly, the sanitary bins are regularly removed and replaced on a flexible service schedule.

Managed Sanitary Disposal DIY Sanitary Disposal
Biodegradable antibacterial liner Yes Possibly
EPA approved sanitary disposal Yes No
Sanitary bins removed and replaced during service Yes No
Flexible service schedule based on washroom traffic Yes No
Easily recognisable to users Yes No


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