Carbon Neutral Bricks

Photo of sawdustAustral Bricks Longford operation in Tasmania is the first brick-making facility to receive certification under the Australian Government’s voluntary Carbon Neutral Program, which requires the measurement, auditing and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the offset of any remaining emissions (such as raw material extraction, onsite transport, product deliveries across Australia and internationally, water usage, packaging, waste and business operations).

Clay bricks are often accused of being environmentally compromised due to the relatively high natural gas consumption required in kiln firing. This simplistic approach overlooks their long life, role as thermal mass in an energy-efficient design, reusability, and the fact that bricks do not require resource-hungry finishes such as paint or render to maintain their good looks and durability. Austral Bricks claim that bricks with their high thermal mass can save up to 25 per cent off annual energy bills. Continue reading

Hand Dryers Vs Paper Towels: So Which Is The Best Hand Drying Option?

Photo of a paper towel dispenserTechnology can sometimes dazzle us into believing it’s the superior option, but gadgetry is not always a guarantee of efficiency or quality. Sometimes, the original really is the best. When it comes to hand drying techniques promoted in workplace bathrooms, the evidence has consistently proven it.

Research has shown that the old and reliable paper hand towels are not only more efficient at getting hands dry, but are also more hygienic. The more sophisticated methods, like warm air hand dryers to the jet air dryers, that have caught the imagination do not come up trumps in either of these categories. Continue reading

Managed Sanitary Bins vs DIY Sanitary Disposal

Photo of sanitary disposal binA clean and hygienic washroom says a lot about the type of business you run. It is also essential for the comfort of employees and customers. The provision of adequate sanitary waste disposal options is a significant factor in creating a comfortable, hygienic and welcoming female washroom.

When it comes to sanitary disposal in your business washroom you have two options: utilising a managed sanitary disposal service OR DIY sanitary disposal. Continue reading

Fresh & Green: The ‘Biological Revolution’

Green cleaning is a concept that is growing in popularity around the world. Accordingly,  Fresh & Clean are always seeking environmentally friendly products to offer customers. This story is about water saving and odour management through biological control, not chemical control.

A New Line of Environmentally Friendly Services

Georgina Bervanakis, Sales Manager Fresh & Clean Melbourne, with the new environmentally friendly Fresh & Green products.

Georgina Bervanakis, Sales Manager Fresh & Clean Melbourne, with the new environmentally friendly Fresh & Green products.

Fresh & Clean has recently added a line of environmentally friendly services to help our clients improve their washrooms with products containing naturally occurring ingredients.

“The Fresh & Green services have been received enthusiastically by our clients due to their low environmental impact and improved performance,” explained Regional General Manager, Robert Carlile. Continue reading

Hand Dryers vs Cloth Towels

Picture of a  cloth towel dispenserSince the mid-19th century good hand hygiene has been recognised as an effective means of controlling the spread of infectious diseases and bacteria. More recent years have seen a growing awareness of the important role hand drying plays in good hand hygiene. This is largely because the transmission of bacteria is more likely to occur from wet skin than dry.

So we know hand drying is important but is there a ‘better’ way to dry them? Warm air hand dryers and cloth towel dispensers are both familiar fixtures in public and workplace bathrooms, but is one better than the other? Continue reading

Fresh & Clean WhiffAway: A Fresh Approach to Eco-Friendly Washroom Management

Picture of WhiffAway Waterless Urinal

The WhiffAway Waterless Urinal

Having a workplace washroom that is fresh, clean and very much Green, is the ideal for modern businesses. Meeting the required OH&S standards has always been a must and there is no denying the value of eco-awareness to commercial image.

The problem is ensuring that the dual expectations can be achieved in a cost-effective way. The WhiffAway waterless urinal system has managed to successfully address that issue.

Available as a dedicated managed washroom service from Fresh & Clean, the WhiffAway system has already proved itself worldwide as more than just a highly effective hygienic option for cleaning urinals, offering a fresher washroom experience and more positive environmental impact. Continue reading

What to Do to Limit Allergies in Your Workplace

Photo of woman sneezingWhen it comes to health and safety in the workplace, we tend to think more about hazards and dangers than many of the everyday health issues. We worry about chemicals in engine cleaning solvents, for example, or how hygienically clean the washroom is, but what about those fits of sneezing brought on by allergies?

Allergies are common-place, and usually have only a very temporary impact on our health, but they certainly affect our comfort levels at work. Limiting allergies, and their effects, can improve the situation considerably – increasing productivity as well as workplace satisfaction. Continue reading

Restroom Facilities Dictate Your Workplace Hygiene Levels

Photo of a man washing his handsHygiene is as important to the workplace as the equipment needed to get work done. And why not, when working in a hygienic environment means less work days lost to illness and an all round happier atmosphere? We at Alsco have noted that many companies have made a major effort to increase their hygiene levels, especially in the restroom.

But, more than just toilet paper and loo bleach is needed to accomplish this. In fact, it comes down to providing the right facilities, and two principal types of facilities in particular: practical and design. Practical facilities relate to the hygiene items that are provided, while design relates to how the restroom is set up.

We’ve put together a brief guide to the kinds of things that your workplace restroom will need in order to maximise hygiene levels. Continue reading

10 Ways to Eliminate Colds and Flu in the Workplace

Picture of a man sneezingEvery year, around this time, businesses across the country face an issue that can cost thousands in lost productivity: cold and flu season. Follow the simple steps below to keep your workplace happy and healthy … and enjoy a healthy bottom line.

#1 Hygiene hygiene hygiene
Encourage frequent hand washing amongst staff, perhaps even using reminder posters. Hands should be washed using antibacterial soap for at least 15-20 seconds before and after eating, before and after using the bathroom, after coughing or sneezing. Effective hand drying is equally important: consider cloth towel dispensers for maximum hygiene. Continue reading